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We need to retain and revitalize a core part of what defines us - our oral heritage. By learning the Anishinaabe language as well as passing on our teachings and philosophy, we’ll see our culture and identity grow and flourish for future generations. Together, we can.

Aa boozhoo kina gwiiya. Gii miingowezi maaba Anishinaabe waazhi namaamat. Aabidek dash gwii nakaazinaa maanda miingowezowin maaba Gizhemanidoo gaa miigwet. Mii maanda enj aawiing Anishinaabek, gwii kendamagoying eyaawyiing.

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INTERACTIVE LESSON - Words at the Workplace
Shared: March 09, 2023
Shared: March 09, 2023
Fruits and Vegetables in Anishinaabemowin
Shared: March 17, 2021
GAME - Multiversal Language Collectors: GAME LINK Available at the END of this VIDEO
Shared: March 10, 2023

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Ndoo miigwechendimaanaanik kina gwiiya gaa bi naadimaagejik wii zhaabwiitoyiing maanda gidinwewninaa. Gaayiin gwoji gdaayii mi degwoshanasasiimi giishpin bwonaadimaageyiipa.

Nanaamwin is proof that together we can retain and revitalize our language for future generations. Work is ongoing but the achievements so far wouldn’t have been possible without many members of our community.

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Phyllis Williams

Elder..Knowledge Keeper

Roselinda Peltier

Mkwa Ndodem(Bear Clan)

Rita Corbiere

Mkwa Ndodem(Bear Clan)

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