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About Nanaamwin

Aapiji gwa da nishin gwii wiikijitooyiik gwii anishinaabemiik. Baatiinat maanpii gegoo waa naadimaagoyiik gwii maajii anishinaabemiik. Aambe Anishinaabemndaa.

The goal of Nanaamwin is to connect with one another by learning about and sharing our Anishinaabe language and culture. We believe that with easy access to resources and online classes, the language can, once again, become active and relevant as well as thrive for future generations to come. It isn’t an easy task but this hopeful journey began thanks to the efforts and knowledge of many members who belong to Wiikwemkoong Unceded Territory.

Join us. Hear, learn, practice and share your knowledge at every opportunity!

Anishinaabemowin is the language of the Anishinaabe nation, and one of the oldest and most important Indigenous languages of North America. It is part of the Central Algonquian language family and refers to the language group shared by the Ojibwe, Odawa and Potawatomi peoples. Content on this site has been developed by the Wiikwemkoong Heritage Organization.


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